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He is very famous Youtube personality and is also an actor by profession. He has been active in Youtube since his highschool days and they all started with lip-synching to songs.

K-Population is an online store that sells all things Asian, from K-pop merchandise to Korean fashion to cute asian gadgets. Check us out on Tumblr (k-population.tumblr.com) or contact AFF user Aishmin "You haven't had a boyfriend. " Your sunbae question you, and you give him a shrug for an answer.

"Having a boyfriend is like having someone point a loaded gun straight to the back of my head, waiting for me to make a wrong move so they can pull the trigger and shoot me dead." You reply without glancing at him, paying more attention to fixing your uniform before adding, "You get my point?

Ryan, who broke 2,000,000 subscribers last month, vlogs in the form of humorous sketches, rants and music videos.

He does a great job of poking fun of current trends and subjects that is familiar with, such as his Hooked on Phonics spoof, ‘Hook on Fonik’ and, most recently his Snuggie spoof, ‘The Snuggo’.

He plays himself, the ditsy Regina, the thuggish R-Dizzle and the very Japanese Hanate.

Each of Ryan’s characters embodies a different stereotype and the show is utterly hilarious, racking in millions of views.

Nigahiga, the You Tube channel of vlogger Ryan Higa, a Japanese-American comedian from Hawaii, is currently the most subscribed to You Tube channel.

Wang mainly utilised his family's digital camcorder to film school projects in collaboration with classmates.

The name Wong Fu is a nickname that Philip was given when he was in the seventh grade.

" Baekhyun narrows his eyes, pretending to ponder over your Long silky smooth hair, simple natural make-up, short skirts, milky white skin, pink plump lips and very well-mannered it's a perfect description of a girl that I've always wanted to date but all that are just one of my imaginations before I dated the girl the opposite way of what I described.

He was a guy, she was a girl- can I make it any more obvious??