The oatmeal comic dating

The guy who made the webcomic also made a page mocking pictures he found of women with facial hair.

He later removed it due to feminist outrage, but kept his other page where he makes fun of fat men with boobs.

The site also features some bizarre quizzes, like “How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight” and “Are your loved ones plotting to kill you”.

It also boasts infographics (about cats, coffee and beer) and English grammar pet peeves (How to use a semi colon, When to use i.e. As Rand mentioned in his recent post: Big Changes at SEOmoz, I'm leaving the company to pursue other opportunities.

, a website chock-full of in-your-face comics and articles dedicated to satire, is certainly not your regular, pasty-faced Internet geek working from the basement of his mother’s house.

This web-design veteran of 16 years has probably completed more races that you can name: Marathons, triathlons and ironman races, he has done them all.

I then realized that I had read this trash in the past and stopped again. Each time, the webcomic was so bland and uninteresting that I immediately forgot about it as soon as I clicked the back button, only to read it again a few months later.

According to CNN, the company raised million in funding and is now believed to be worth million.

: Most of the information in this article is from several very long interviews.

Almost everything I say this webcomic's creator has admitted to has been repeated at least twice by him.

How will you use Twilio to build voice and SMS apps?

Second, do you know anyone who wants to build an online store?