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Usage: For most senses of hang the past tense and past participle is hung: I hung the curtains; he had hung the new painting on the wall.

However, when the meaning is 'to suspend or be suspended by the neck until dead', the past tense and past participle is hanged: the traitors were hanged; they had hanged him at dawn.

It exists to do three things: The penis is actually shaped like a wishbone, with the Y-shaped end anchored deeply and firmly within your abdomen. So while it seems benign when flaccid it can be steered from the hip when erect.

The three chambers Inside the penis are three chambers, running the length of the shaft.

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Clifford, from Hersham, Surrey, denies the allegations and says claims against him are a "load of lies".

He told the court how those coming forward with these "fantasies" are "opportunists" looking for money.

The alleged crimes are said to have happened in his Bond Offices and in his cars over a 20 years period from 1966 to 1984.

The court also heard how Clifford has a "tiny penis" measuring just two-and-a-half inches.