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Taylor is there shooting Wolverine – he’s playing Gambit - and has hooked up with model Laura Csortan, a former Miss Australia who represented her country at the 1997 Miss Universe and Miss World pageants and was even named Miss Congeniality.

Laura is now a television personality and refused to comment when asked about her new relationship.

Now we have a love triangle where an aging queen latches on to the handsome prince purely for the purpose of cloaking her own emotional insecurities. She is conceived with such little agency that ultimately she becomes purely incidental to her own story. Unfortunately for Roberts, she’s reduced to playing camp in what feels like an overwrought school play, replete with cheesy sets, costumes, et al. Bowden looked very un-American Pie in a sleek pink dress that had “tulip” written all over it.

The prince is, of course, distracted by Snow White’s charms and the fair princess is herself . Much to her relief, Stifler was nowhere in sight to steal yet another scene from the cast of American Pie.

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Not hard to understand, if you look at her picture She was a real trouble maker there.

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But campaigning for the title of Miss Canada isn't cheap with expenses for clothing, make-up, transportation, accomodation, etc.

Gerasch undertook a local fundraising campaign to help with her bid.