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It puts Louisiana firmly on record as a place same-sex couples, and their families and friends and employers, should avoid, for work or play.

Washington Post has pointed out, the executive order seems at a minimum like hypocrisy—Jindal denounced Obama’s enforcement of an existing statute, the Immigration and Naturalization Act, as “an arrogant, cynical political move.” As I’ve noted before, however, executive-power hypocrisy is a bipartisan political pandemic.

Other wins include laws that require women to make an extra doctor’s visit 24 to 72 hours before having an abortion, instituted in 14 states.

At one point during his broadcast that morning, Duggar sought out a few of his siblings, finding them on brownish grass along the Mall. “It’s really neat to see just everyone coming out,” said the 22-year-old, whose wavy brunette hair looked damp, “speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves.” The live feed sputtered out moments after she said this.

“You can feel the warmth.” The 27-year-old Duggar, then executive director of the conservative Family Research Council’s lobbying arm, was holding a microphone.

A cameraman followed after him as he approached people with colorful signs that said things like “Crusaders for Life.” Two women who—as they explained into Duggar’s mic—had been born to sexually assaulted mothers held pink and blue signs that read “Conceived by Rape.” Bystanders that day may have recognized Duggar’s wholesome-looking baby face from television.

The late Earl Long was governor of Louisiana, on and off, for more than a decade.

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There is something fresh about the combination of the laid back Los Angeles beach style mixed with the sleek New York City, “model off duty”, trends, which mark your brand as something significant compared to the rest.Indiana and Arkansas earlier this year passed much milder bills that would have had similar effects.After the business community, the NCAA, and Walmart spoke out against them, both states rewrote the laws to make clear that they didn’t do what HB 707 explicitly said it would do. IBM sent Jindal a letter warning that “IBM will find it much harder to attract talent to Louisiana if this bill is passed and enacted into law." Stephen Perry, the head of the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau, issued a statement saying that the bill “has the possibility of threatening our state's third largest industry and creating economic losses pushing past a billion dollars a year and costing us tens of thousands of jobs."That kind of warning may have frightened off Indiana Governor Mike Pence and Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, but Bobby Jindal is made of sterner stuff.* “I have a clear message for any corporation that contemplates bullying our state,” he wrote in a New York Times op-ed.Republican Party leaders Rick Santorum and Lindsey Graham were among the speakers, as was Charmaine Yoest, the president and CEO of Americans United for Life, who boasts that her organization has instituted more legislative roadblocks to abortion in the past two years than anyone has in the past decade.She considers the Hobby Lobby case (), in which the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a religious company’s right to limit employee birth control options, to be among AUL’s victories.