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Although captive breeding programs have had only limited success and the platypus is vulnerable to the effects of pollution, it is not under any immediate threat.

Shaw assigned the species the Linnaean name Platypus anatinus when he initially described it, but the genus term was quickly discovered to already be in use as the name of the wood-boring ambrosia beetle genus Platypus.), which literally means "bird snout" in Greek; and anatinus, which means "duck-like" in Latin.

[The making of “The Originalist”] “Native Gardens,” Sept. A co-production with Minnesota’s Guthrie Theater, directed by former Round House Theatre artistic director Blake Robison in the Kreeger Theater. You have to love the fact that Arena enticed Linden — whom I saw in the early 1970s on Broadway in the musical “The Rothschilds” — to Washington in what could be an ideal bit of casting. The 1950s musical comedy about a labor strike in a PJ plant, featuring such numbers as “Hey There” and “Steam Heat.” Directed not by Arena artistic director Molly Smith, who traditionally helms the holiday musicals, but by Shakepeare Theatre Company associate artistic director Alan Paul (“Kiss Me, Kate,” “Man of La Mancha”).

Folger Theatre gets into the Women’s Voices Theater Festival with its Theresa Rebeck premiere; and it’s going to be a musical season at the Kennedy Center, from “Hamilton” to a new Broadway concert series.

Note: the second Women’s Voices Theater Festival has been announced as a citywide centerpiece for next winter.

The scene, as a piece of filmic fanfic, has over the years drawn the ire of many an Austen scholar.

Not just for the pesky detail that it didn’t take place in the book, and in that sense violates the crystalline precision that defines so much of Austen’s storytelling, but also—and more so—because of its wet-T-shirt aesthetic: Diving Darcy, the criticism goes, celebrates Pride and Prejudice less for its adjacency to Romanticism, the period, and more for its adjacency to romance, the genre.

Sex dating in folger alaska