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Non-sufficient checks or bounced checks can be accompanied by criminal and civil penalties in the state of New York.

Intentionally writing bad checks is an unlawful act that can be costly.

Since this kind of check is not payable on demand, most states refuse to cover postdated checks under bad check laws.

Generally, a bank may cash your check when they receive it, even if your check is paid before the date you wrote on the check.

If you write a check with a date in the future written on it, so that the check cannot be cashed until the date on the check, then you have written a postdated check.

Unlike a normal check, a postdated check is not necessarily payable on demand.

For example, this version uses FDCPA section numbers in the headings. Although the staff has made every effort to transcribe the statutory material accurately, this compendium is intended as a convenience for the public and not a substitute for the text in the U. For the purpose of section 1692f(6) of this title, such term also includes any person who uses any instrumentality of interstate commerce or the mails in any business the principal purpose of which is the enforcement of security interests.Always consider your goal: to recover the money or punish the check writer?In most cases, NSF checks are not considered under the bad check law if they are used to pay an antecedent debt.Not all checks drawn on insufficient funds will fall under the bed check laws in New York.In New York non-sufficient checks may not be considered a bad check if the check was used to pay an antecedent debt.