Myths about dating violence

Myth #2: If a person goes to someone's room, house, or goes to a bar, he/she assumes the risk of sexual assault.If something happens later, he/she can't claim that he/she was raped or sexually assaulted because he/she should have known not to go to those places.Adolescents and adults are often unaware about how regularly dating abuse occurs.In order to become a more trauma-informed society, we must first examine the myths that allow rape culture to exist. If a victim doesn’t punch the perpetrator, scream, etc. Regardless of whether or not the victim fought back, intentional sexual contact of any kind is still sexual assault! While this certainly happens, it isn’t a prequisite. If you take away anything from today’s post, let it be this: No matter what someone wears, how much someone has drank, or whether someone fights back against an attacker, no one EVER “asks” to be raped.

Here are more statistics: Fact: Domestic violence crosses all race and class lines.

There’s no such thing as intimate partner or marital rape.

1 in 33 American men will be a victim of an attempted or completed rape in his lifetime. If the rapist really committed a crime, they will be arrested and serve time for it. I’ll let this infographic from RAINN speak for itself: 6.

Sexual violence may or may not include physical force and may be committed by your partner, a stranger or an acquaintance.

If you have experienced any sexual act against your will and without your full consent, you may be a victim of sexual violence – even if you were unable to give consent because of alcohol or other causes.