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The frostbite-blue eyes snap onto mine for a split second.

If the brow is a two-way mirror to the soul, his is cracked in several places by Despair and Inner Torment.

I am a poet, photographer, filmmaker, DJ/remixer and curator. I played music at the Submercer back when it was a "speakeasy". I saw the space below the hotel one day when I was touring around with Sean Mac Pherson. I've included new paintings and one more artist named Michael Tharp. I have paintings from artists/friends such as Ross Bleckner, John Newsom, Lola Schnabel and Kika Karadi.

I love the work of all the artists I’ve had in my shows.

And it marks the status of Zhukova, an art collector and philanthropist, as the latest member of the New York-London set.

Her husband, billionaire Roman Abramovich, 48, has bought a house (well, three brownstones — worth a combined million — that he plans to knock together) in the Upper East Side.

Her work spans various media including film, photography, printmaking, and painting.Mortensen is justly celebrated in Hollywood for how he telegraphs both, which are reading in his face right now.A face rendered (almost) unrecognizable with that distracting droop of a Wild West mustache, the familiar starburst cleft in his chin forested over by a neat beard.The official reason for the party was the cover story she’d recently run in her New York-based title earlier this month — it centred on Zhukova, 33, and her ambitious project to give Moscow a contemporary art museum, designed by Rem Koolhaas.A profile in such a serious New York magazine is the ultimate welcome to this famously unforgiving city.