Hardcore dating sims

It was so good that we've decided to translate the demo to Chinese. If all 20€ backers realized that being crowd-designers is cool and jumpetd to 50€ (pretty unlikely), we would be almost 9000€At some point I will try to sell you raising your tier! to me maybe sweetiest reward tiers are 50€ and 75€.

It's taking us some time, but some cool people at Indienova and a cool guy from TIGsource called fall_ark are helping us. They're not that expensive like the next ones and still you get to collaboratively participate into creating stuff for the game.

Let's take a look at another, more recent video game.

starts the adventures of Geralt of Rivera with his search for a woman named Yennefer.

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After all the flirty comments they exchanged throughout the adventure, wouldn't players like to see Drake end up with her instead?After the first day on Kickstarter they have already raised their ,000 goal.The Yano Research Institute is a research firm founded in 1958 and was Japan’s very first private marketing research company.Well, that might not entirely be true either, but hey, you’re still watching right?As you’ve may have guessed, the goal of this particular dating sim is to befriend One Direction..maybe more (wink wink)?