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The animal can be maintained in the laboratory where it is grown on agar plates or liquid cultures with as the food source. It can be examined at the cellular level in living preparations by differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy, because it is transparent throughout its life cycle. A collagenous cuticle, secreted by the underlying epithelium, surrounds the worm on the outside and also lines the pharynx and rectum (see Cuticle). Changing synaptic specificities in the nervous system of : Differentiation of the DD motoneurons.

It is an important model system for biological research in many fields including genomics, cell biology, neuroscience and aging ( Electron microscopical reconstruction of the anterior sensory anatomy of the nematode (ed.

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Among its many advantages for study are its short life cycle, compact genome, stereotypical development, ease of propagation and small size.

The adult body plan is anatomically simple with about 1000 somatic cells.