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Hazardous materials technicians eventually found what appeared to be powdered chlorine in the stairwell, according to a police statement. Nineteen people had to be transported to nearby hospitals after complaining about nausea and dizziness.

The incident occurred while the Hyatt Hotel was hosting the 15th Annual Midwest Fur Fest, a yearly fan convention for people who identify as "furries," a subculture that enjoys dressing up and roleplaying as large, anthropomorphic animals.

He said I'd look great with a pixie cut because I had the bone structure to pull it off. I forgot about it until recently, when I had a conversation with a friend that brought the memory to the front of my mind.

This refers to the length of a guard on barbering clippers, a little tidbit of haircut knowledge I'd picked up during various conversations. I'm essentially un-traumatized, in fact, and I can laugh about it now.

The film examines the line between criminal thought and action, dissecting both the case itself and the wider implications of convicting a person based on their future acts.

Despite the judge's order, Valle is not free yet.

We found each other in the typical "I like your profile, do you like mine? decided we had stuff in common and after a few messages and phone conversations, we decided there was enough mutual interest to meet for a drink. It might sound like I'm stereotyping but in my experience, most men like long hair on women. We liked each other well enough to go out on a second date, and a third.

And many in the furry community believe they were the targets.

They've been around since the '80s, but are still one of the most misunderstood American subcultures.

Whether to use a number four or a maybe even a number three seemed to be something Mark wanted to discuss extensively I walked right into fetish-land without a clue and it didn't seem obvious until I looked back. If he'd have continuously worked feet or spanking into our conversations, well, I'd have probably picked up on it. This has been an interesting trip down memory lane.

I wonder whatever happened to Mark or if he found a woman to indulge him.